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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am one with my All Clad

Since I consider myself to be some what of a "self taught semi-professional chef" (a Rachel Ray in training if you must) it was obvious to me, that we needed to go with a beautiful stainless steel pots and pans set when we cashed in our Macy's gift cards from the good old wedding registry. Well, like most things in my life that I refuse to do because I  strategically convince myself I am better than that one particular thing (a dominant trait I inherited from the one and only Joseph Lortie.) I refused to read the instruction book that conveniently came along with our All-Clad. I naturally placed the perfectly wrapped package of knowledge in the "never going to use, let a lone look at drawer" in the office.

With that anecdote- let me fill you in with how my cooking has been for the past few months- lots of grilling, rice cooker use and pasta boiling. I do not know what happened! I brought  home these beautiful "you are an instant professional chef" pans and the gourmet meals were suppose to cook themselves! Unfortunately, that did not happen. I actually gave up  and contemplated returning them (it was an obvious manufacturer's defect) when my fifth round of "chicken sticking to the pan" got the best of me.

Stainless Steel- 5
Brenna- 0

I could not understand what I was doing wrong! I heated the pan, put the oil in, letting the oil slightly smoke, put the chicken in, did the fancy lift the pan shake it around movement and watch the meal cook to perfection like it always did in my $10.00 dollar Calphalon pan from Marshalls. But, no. it is never that easy. (I won't even describe the heartbreak I felt when I tried to cook Basmati rice in these "devil pots")

So tonight, I was feeling good, I asked D what do you want for dinner- the typical pasta & sauce or some scrumptious Patak's Jalfrezi Curry with chicken and basmati rice. He got the hint and chose Indian (obvious tribute to my new favorite show Out Sourced- new episode airs tonight) Tonight was the night- I will make the chicken and stainless one with each other, and that is exactly what I did. Folks! I had an epiphany.... heat the pan on medium heat, put the oil in, heat the oil till it slightly smokes, put the chicken in....and here is the kicker.... let the chicken cook for a minute before you try and move it. Freaking shocker, let something cook. Once, I tried this and it worked! Yes, worked. I let out a triumphful peep of victory and explained my silent and secret on going battle with these damn pots to my beloved husband. And- what was his response: "Oh- I knew that, you didn't?

Silly me- I forgot that I married Anthony Bourdain!

 So the new stats stand as:

Stainless Steel- 5
Brenna- ONE!!!!!

So please lick your lips and apologize to your taste buds as you enjoy a picture of my perfectly simmering Indian cuisine.
But- I obviously still do not understand the concept of not cooking "red" things with a white stain-able spoon... next weeks cooking lesson.

His and Her's finished products:
 Don't be fooled, this is the remains of my seconds, not the initial bowl. Portion control is not my strong suite.

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