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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wanna be Griswold's

Just a quick background of my childhood and Christmas's:

A- we bought our Christmas tree for $100 dollars from a "tree farm" in a grocery store parking lot on Christmas Eve

B- we lived in no close proximity to any extended family members so we went on vacation and kicked the Christmas tree out of our celebration.

So in a nutshell: the Lortie's are not the most festive group of holiday participants

That being said- the whole "concept" of cutting down your own Christmas tree was very foreign to me until recently. Obviously, we have all see National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation a million times. (thank you TBS) Please see the below imagine to refresh your memory if you are drawing a blank!
We are all able to laugh and giggle at Clark's shenanigans until it turns into our real life. Well, it is my real life now. When I decided to settle in the very cold and snowy upstate New York I reluctantly adapted this Christmas tree "tradition." To set the scene: last year it was me, my father in law, my two brother in laws and my sister in law Karen. (D was strategically at lacrosse practice) we paced the aisles of trees in the depths of the tree farm in sub zero temperatures and found nothing. After two hours of the empty searching I vowed once again to do my duties to the grocery store parking lot trees.

And- of course that did not happen.

Like my mother always says "God does not allow you to remember the pain of child birth  because if you did you would never another child!" well I am pretty sure Anne's saying applies to Christmas tree hunting. Except- the difference is childbirth gives you a child.... in my eyes that is a bit more exciting than a Frasier Fur, but the equally painful!(not that I know what child birth feels like, but I am sure I will blog about that one day!)

So at 4:00 on a bitter cold snowy Saturday our hunt started. (With an adorable little boy)
 And, sadly to say it did not go to well.. check out this empty farm. Obviously didn't plant in phases...
So we trecked out a little farther into the country and came to a "promising" farm. The lumber jack's grabbed their saws...
Dusted off some prospects:

Had our Clark Griswold family moment
AND (drum roll please.........)
We found our tree soul mate in a stack of pre-cut Frasier Furs shipped in from Pennsylvania....(just to remind you, we live in NY)

And children- the moral to the story is: support your local boy scouts :) But, needless to say: we had a ggggggreat time... with the fried food and beers after the two hours in the dark bitter cold!

Oh but the plus side is:
We found a nifty little bird nest! Felt it was suiting for my bird obsession!

So with our Christmas Tree tale being told we hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!!! (stay warm, we have 2 feet of snow! Thank God for AWD)

Brenna, David, & Rupert (shown as a reindeer)

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